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      . Size 18 - 66cm
      . Size 19 - 70cm
      . Size 20 - 74cm
      . Size 21 - 78cm
      . Size 22 - 82cm
      . Size 23 - 86cm
      . Size 24 - 90cm
      . Size 25 - 94cm
      . Size 26 - 98cm
      . Size 27 - 102cm
      . Size 28 - 106cm
      . Size 29 - 110cm
      . Size 30 - 114cm
      . Size 31 - 118cm
      . Size 32 - 122cm


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    Hakama - Black
    Our wholesaler has just stocked hakama manufactured to AKA specifications. They are a mid weight, durable, polyester/rayon blend with lengthened and reinforced himo (cords) and plus upgraded koshita. These are easily equivalent to entry level Japanese brands.

    Until now hakama sold in Australia were generally made in non-Japanese countries and the actual use of this training item was often poorly understood by manufacturers. These hakama have been co-developed by AKA and have 9 rows of stitching along the himo so they maintain their shape for longer and can be neatly tied after training. The himo have also been lengthened to better suit Australian sizes. The centrepiece of the koshita has been upgraded to maintain its shape for longer under constant ukemi.

    Note: These hakama are made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% rayon, they wash well and dry quickly but there is some shrinkage.  If you are concerned about the length of the garment and wash your hakama frequently we suggest you order the next size up.


    How to measure the length
    The size chart above is measured from the bottom of the front himo line of the hakama to the hem. You can choose the right length to suit your height and preference for where the hakama sits in relation to your ankles.

    Guide for delivery charges:

    Hakama = 800g

    We aim to provide the best delivery service possible to members, but the mix of compact, bulky items and long weapons can be create a complex shipping list. We have two delivery options, an Australia Post bag for more compact items and a mixed order of compact items and long weapons. The system calculates the total weight of your order and the shipping list shows the options available. Aust. Post bags are an Australia-wide delivery service and mixed orders are set by location. However, check the list as a mixed order rate may sometimes be less expensive to ship than using multiple post bags. As a guide: a training set of 1x dogi, a bokken & jo (+/- a tanto) and a weapons bag is under 5kgs. 2 x sets would put you into the next weight bracket and so on.

    Special Orders - if you have an order outside the weight range the system already provides, then prior to ordering you can email our wholesaler with your anticipated order and YOUR LOCATION, they will confirm the delivery package or packages you need to pay.

    Email <>

    If required, you can top up the set delivery costs by ordering one or a multiple of the individual dollar delivery packages.

    Note: Delivery charges are adjusted frequently.



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