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  • Hakama & Belt storage bag

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    These bags are ideal for storing your hakama and belt in your training bag! They keep items nice and safely folded whilst the cotton material allows them to air after a hard session. As the hakama and belt are neatly packed in the hakama bag it makes it easy to store these items and much easier to sort through your training bag. The bag comes with two closure buttons to allow for different hakama sizes, the lower button is perfect for standard weight hakamas and the top button is for very heavy weight or bulky hakamas. The bags are held closed using a loop over the buttons. Navy durable cotton exterior with a black cotton blend lining inside.

    These bags make ideal, inexpensive gifts for Aikido friends!

    Specifications:  36.5cm x 23.5cm x 8cm.

    Guide for delivery charges:
    Hakama bag = 145g

    When you order there are set delivery fees by location in brackets of 5kg. Once you select the items you need, the system will calculate the total weight bracket of the delivery. Select the delivery fee appropriate for your location.
    (A training set of 1x dogi, a bokken & jo (+/- a tanto) and a weapons bag is under 5kgs. 2 x sets would put you into the next weight bracket and so on.)

    Special Orders - if you have an order outside the weight range the system already provides, then prior to ordering you can email our wholesaler with your anticipated order and YOUR LOCATION, they will confirm the delivery package or packages you need to pay.

    Email <>

    If required, you can top up the set delivery costs by ordering one or a multiple of the individual dollar delivery packages.

    Note: Delivery charges are adjusted frequently.

    Hakama & Belt storage bagHakama & Belt storage bagHakama & Belt storage bagHakama & Belt storage bag

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