Summer School 2019 - Information & Registration

6th - 11th January, 2019


Summer School has something to offer everybody and every grade!

The focus on technical ability at Summer Schools offers something to everyone of every grade. Led by the Trustees, all of whom are 7th dan, and possibly with Louis van Thieghem Shihan joining us again this year, as part of his regular pilgrimage to maintain contact with senior students of Sugano Sensei, we could have up to four 7th Dans on the mat.  What a wealth of experience, we are so fortunate!

The theme will be to continue the study of the syllabus and the basic kyu requirements, which form the foundation of all our training. This will be of particular interest to instructors as well, so they can keep abreast of the grading requirements for their students they teach. There have been some minor tweaks to the Kyu Grading Syllabus and you can be sure these changes will be clarified and elaborated on during this week!
We will also have the benefit of van Thieghem Sensei's broad experience who regularly trains throughout Europe and other continents and provides invaluable insight into Sugano Sensei's teaching from a different perspective.

  Louis van Thieghem Shihan


Alex Raytsin    0401 139 108 (he will return calls after hours)
Alex Rojas

Andrew Chambers    0417 050 163



Register and Pay Here

Link to registration form

You must pre-register for this event, we don't have the manpower or space to 
accept registrations at the dojo


Registration Details 

Early Bird Registration - 10% off the training fee!! valid to 3 December, 2018

The registration desk will be set up at University College on Saturday 5 January from 2 - 5 pm. Please advise if you anticipate arriving early or late . Victorian students will have registration lanyards distributed prior to the event, alternatively there will be a small registration station to pick up lanyards before the start of class on training days.

If you are intending to stay at University College, please register online early as there is a limited number of rooms available, see the Accommodation below, and you also get a 10% reduction off the training fee if you register by 3 December.

Follow the link above or on the right to complete the registration form, payments can be made by credit card or via EFT.


Training Fees for AKA members, based on location  
 State  Type 5.5 days Per Day 














 QLD / WA / NT







 Junior   $138 $33
 International   $138  $33 
 Half Day rate   $316   $76
 *For a Concession rate, the applicant must get a confirmation email sent to the registrar from their Area Representative, or show a current student, or government concession card


Dojo Details 
Location - Melbourne Uni. Sports Centre


Entrance to the Sports Centre, Melbourne University

For SS2018 we will be using the gym facilities at the Nona Lee Sports Centre, Tin Alley, University of Melbourn

We will again be using the indoor stadium at Melbourne Uni., Tin Alley, Parkdale Campus. 

- The dojo is situated in the Uni's Sports Centre, about a 15 min walk down Swanston St from University College 

- The Centre is open from 7.30am to 10.30pm weekdays and 9am to 5.30pm on weekends. No earlier admittance possible.  

- There is no general parking inside the Uni, we should park in the surrounding streets. A suggestion is to try the western side of Royal Parade. 

- No clothing may be left in the change rooms or hung outside to air, this is a strict policy of the Uni. 

- No footwear will be allowed in the dojo, as per usual. Training bags will need to be stored upstairs in the viewing area.

- All students to wear/show their registration lanyards when entering the dojo


 View Google Maps link 

Download larger version of above map



Draft Timetable 

Download draft timetable

Updated November 8, 2018

Please use the draft timetable as an indication of where and when certain events will be occurring. The designation of instructors for each of the afternoon classes will be set just prior to the start of training at the beginning of the week. Please be aware the draft may be altered at anytime.

Please note the yudansha grading is on Thursday afternoon - 10th January .



Accommodation & Meals 

Accommodation is at University College, to keep the cost down the range of rooms available include some without air-conditioning and shared facilities, while others have both. There are some Studio Apartments and  One & Two bedroom units available as well. Please review the list below and we suggest you register quickly if you want to secure your room of first choice! 

When registering, if you can't see one of the room types below on the registration form options, it means they have all been taken.  Registration is a two-step process. The event registrar will take note of any requests on the registration form and will respond with an email totalling the amount to be paid, payment can then be made online.

Room & Meal Options 
Room type Daily rate # of Rms Details  
Standard Room
$75 35 Shared bathroom, no AC, single occupancy Check in 2pm, check out midday
Graduate Ensuite $96 25

Ensuite, AC, breakfast incl., single occupancy 
Extra person $38/night

Check in 2pm, check out midday
1 bedroom unit $149 3 Ensuite, AC, TV, all meals, sitting space, kitchenette Check in 2pm, check out midday
2 bedroom $185 1 Ensuite, AC, TV, all meals, sitting space, kitchenette  Check in 2pm, check out midday
Studio apartment $135 4 Ensuite, AC, all meals, single occupancy Check in 2pm, check out midday
Lunch $14.50      
Dinner $16.50      
Car park $8/day   Must pre-book, limited parking available  

PLEASE NOTE: We have been advised to warn you University College is non-smoking in all areas, anyone caught smoking may have their room booking cancelled by the College admin.  


Social Events      
 BBQ  Monday evening $35.50

 Dinner Party

Thursday evening - $30
This year is a completely different format at the Clyde Hotel, opposite Melb. Uni., less formal, minimum price & buffet is optional,
buy your own drinks.




About buying training gear @ SS2019

As per last year we will have samples at the merchandise desk of the training gear we offer to students. If you pre-order something it will be delivered late morning on the Monday. If you order anything at the School the orders will be accumulated and there will be a single delivery late on the Thursday morning.

Free Delivery to Summer School!
If you would like to take advantage of the free delivery service to SS2019, you can place an order now and we will pack it and deliver it to the event late on Monday morning. Make sure you choose the shipping option 'Collect@SS2019', this rate has no charge attached.



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